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When you talk about technology, you think of boring geeks behind the computer or a stocky gentlemen working on cables behind some…well, some electrical stuff. There is absolutely nothing glamorous or funky with technology, some say. But things are surely taking a turn for the better because everyone’s on twitter and nobody can get by a day without visiting their Facebook pages or updating their status. In fact, these days people carry the internet with them on their phones.

The pace of life have also changed. We need to spend some creative time with ourselves on some days to eliminate the unnecessary negative energy that we get throughout the day when we are at work. Which explains why some people go out of their way to create a QR Code coat, QR Code carpet, QR Code cupcakes and the latest, a QR Code Lamp.

For instance, there is a blog site that is completely dedicated to featuring creative QR Codes – QRarts.com. You’ve got to hand it to the guy for spending so much time just coming up with deeply impressive ways to create objects, artwork and ideas with QR Codes.

In fact, we would say that amongst all the mobile technologies in the world today, we think that QR Codes is the least geeky of the lot. It’s almost a cool thing if you knew something about the QR Code technology. When you explain it to friends and family members about how the QR Code works, a look of awe almost always cross their faces.

A New Yorker, Andy (34) said that he thought it was a terribly geeky thing to do when a good friend came home from a trip to Japan, gushing about the cool technology. ‘He was astonished at how often the Japanese people were using it. He said that they scanned the QR Codes on foodstuff like sushi and fish, vegetables in the supermarket and posters, buildings, advertisements, trains, cabs….well, everywhere, really. Because I didn’t have a smart phone then, I dismissed him as being overly-enthusiastic about something peculiar that would never reach our shores. Well, I guess I was wrong,’ he says with a sheepish smile.

Americans, although lagged behind, is slowly but surely getting the hang out of creating things related to QR Codes.

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