Apps deliver more user engagement and brand awareness.

Facebook Applications Development

More than Facebook pages, Facebook apps are engaging your customers more deeply than any other Facebook marketing tool.

Think about it, people may stay a minute or two on your Facebook page trying to find something that interests them. But they use apps for a much longer time.

Social gaming app developer Zynga recently released astounding user statistics. They have 60 million daily users spending up to 2 billion minutes each day on their games, while a player spends around five to fifteen minutes on each Zynga game, playing up to 8 different games in a day.

Short on ideas? Here are some of the apps that businesses have created on Facebook

• RPG, or role-playing games, let you take customers into an imaginary and fictional world. You could also get a new way of marketing, advertising and generating revenues. See how Zynga does it!

• Gifting Applications. Branded virtual gifts are a great way to get your users to spread the word about you. For example, you could create a birthday gift application that sends mini-versions of your products as gifts to birthday celebrants!

• Utility and Tools. These utilities bring specialized content and service for your customers. A joke of the day app or a daily business tip, or something to help your users with their daily activities such as remembering their friend’s birthdays or scheduling their day.

• Rating and multimedia. Allow your users to submit, watch and rate multimedia content with your apps.

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