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Grow Your Business with Smartphone Apps


Smartphone apps can help you get new customers and increase your sales at the same time.  

This is especially true if you have a niche market and you can translate that idea into a smartphone app.  Smartphone apps can easily enhance the interaction that goes on between your customers and your products or services.

With more and more people owning a smartphone, they are realizing just how convenient and easy it is to just use an app for anything that they do.  Instead of firing up a browser and tapping in the Facebook URL, all they have to do is to open their Facebook app and update.  A lot of other companies are going the same route.  For example, Paypal has a secure app that makes it easier for you to pay invoices using your iPhone, Android device or Blackberry.

Also, having your own app can help you gain recognition among potential customers.  Just think of it as having a bookmark on their phone home screens that goes straight to a page where you can put your business, product or services in front of people.  

Further, it helps cement your image for your potential customer.  For example, a good money management app can effectively promote your investment brokerage.  Or a real estate agent can get an app to help showcase his properties in a professional manner, making it easier for would-be buyers to get more information on the properties, or schedule a guided tour with the agent.

To be successful, you have to take a long hard look at your business and see what kind of app could help you create a good reputation among your customers and your potential customers.  Make sure that your app adds value or is very useful to ensure that people would be using it and would be glad to be using it.

While apps can be a great marketing opportunity, you should not abuse it.  If you come out with an app that does nothing but try to sell your products and services, without adding value to the user, then it is going to fail.  For instance, there has been a lot of movies that come up with an app that delivers nothing but the movie trailer or a link to the movie’s website.  People would just be annoyed and you lost out on the opportunity to engage your potential customers.

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