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Lost and Found: QR Codes Help You Find Lost Stuff


We know that losing things can be a very big hassle. On top of having to buy a replacement, there are things that can cause inconvenience when lost. For example, your books, your laptop or your briefcase.

On top of that, you could lose something more important to you like your car keys, IDs, passports and other things that are irreplaceable.

If you are always losing things, or just hate the idea of having to buy another one of your stuff, why don’t you put QR codes on them? These QR codes can help you retrieve your things easily and safely.

All you have to do is to use the BeQRious generator. Here’s how you can get a QR code that helps you find your lost things!

1. Go to the BeQRious QR code generator.

2. Under the Basic tab, choose Text Message.

3. Enter your phone number and your custom message. In this instance, “I’ve found your book!”

4. Click on the Create Code button.

5. Your QR code is ready!

6. Click on any one of the Save As buttons to get a copy of your QR code.

7. Now you can print this QR code on sticker paper, add some instructions about scanning the code with a smartphone, how to get a QR code reader, or where others could download a QR code reader mobile app if they do not already have one.

8. Stick it on all of your books! (Or any valuable stuff for that matter)

If you lose one of your books and somebody finds it, the finder can scan the code and a text message will be automatically sent to you. All you have to do is to arrange for a place where you could pick up the book that you lost!

This process can easily be done for other stuff. For example, you could print the QR code out and then have it laminated and put the laminated code together with your car keys. This way if you lose your keys, whoever finds them can send you a text message.

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