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  • Custom QR Code

    Custom QR Code

    Vector QR Code, Raster Qr Code

    QR codes are the biggest thing in marketing today, not just for the brands but for the consumers. QR codes make it easy to bridge online information accessed from the offline world through the use of smartphones and other mobile devices.

    We provide custom qr codes that really work!

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  • QR Code Tracking

    QR Code Tracking

    Personal and Corporate Accounts.

    BeQRious.com creates custom packages for individuals, small to mid sized businesses, large companies, 3rd party representatives and ad agencies. Our pricing packages are tailored to fit specific needs and clients accordingly.

    We work on a ‘needs-analysis’ basis to cater every level of spending. Based on individual pricing structures, we will work with our clients to fit every budget.

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  • QR Code Campaign

    QR Code Campaign

    Comprehensive QR Code Campaign Solution

    QR codes is an awesome mobile marketing tool, and are now popping up literally everywhere! They can be easily launched into your marketing activities to bring your online content to a mobile audience in real time!

    Start using QR Codes in your next online marketing campaign.

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  • QR Code Mobile Application

    Mobile Applications

    iPhone, Andoid, jQuery Mobile

    We build mobile apps for iOS and Android. We build small utility apps, rich video, game apps and lots of things in between.

    We provide high-quality, highly functional and useful apps for you. Our work involves designing the concept of your apps, planning its features, and then developing it right.

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QR Code News

The Top Android News


Do not look now, but it seems that new features are coming to the Android operating system when it comes out with version 4.4, lovingly called KitKat. Several media outlets and tech blog sites have released leaked photos, said to be of Nexus 5 and the new OS. The new features being rumored to be […]

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QR Codes and Other Easy Mobile Marketing for Your Small Business


Small business owners know that they need all the marketing that they can get. It brings in sales, allow people to know about them and even introduce these businesses to new customers. A relatively exciting field right now is mobile marketing, which is both very affordable and very effective right now. QR codes top the […]

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Sprint Launches NFC-Enabled Pinsight Touch


Sprint has introduced their new mobile payments platform, Pinsight Touch. Pinsight Touch allows mobile app developers to incorporate a mobile payments system into their apps that uses near-field communication. The new platform would allow users to store their credentials on mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices. A business can then use the platform to offer […]

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What Is Freemium and Other Mobile App News


How much are you willing to spend on a mobile app? Most people would answer the truth: $0. You can have the best features and functionality included in your app but people will just settle for the next best thing if it is free. So what are mobile app developers to do? Give their apps […]

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Best Practice: Educate Your Customers in Using Near-Field Communication


Even though Apple has yet again snubbed near-field communication technology on its iPhone, you still have a couple of devices to work with making NFC marketing a viable option. If you are planning an NFC marketing campaign, do not make the mistake that other marketers have committed: educate your customers about NFC. For some marketers, […]

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