What do we offer?

BeQRious.com creates custom packages for individuals, small to mid sized businesses, large companies, 3rd party representatives and ad agencies. Our pricing packages are tailored to fit specific needs and clients accordingly. We work on a ‘needs-analysis’ basis to cater every level of spending. Based on individual pricing structures, we will work with our clients to fit every budget. No partnership will ever be turned away !

Creating and managing QR codes have never been easier.

Our innovative QR code generator features an online wizard that guides you through the various steps of creating the QR codes you need.

This is, however, not the only reason you should partner with us. Not only is it easier to create your QR codes with us, but it is also easier to manage your codes.

Our code management dashboard lists all your QR codes for you, what campaigns they belong in, the content they resolve to, whether they are active or not, statistics and an option to mail them. You could even delete or edit your QR code from this interface.

You could also specify to view all QR codes for a certain group or campaign. If you are not sure which QR code you’re looking for, you could search for it.

Multiple campaigns? No problem!

If you run an agency and would like to give your own clients their own QR code campaigns, then it’s not going to be a pain to manage with our QR Tracking system.

Using a dashboard you can easily find out the name of the campaign, the group it belongs to, the number of codes belonging to that campaign, when it was created, and the options to delete or edit the codes.