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QR Codes Power New Type of Lost and Found Service

Belon.gs has recently launched its lost and found service that helps owners find lost items. The twist? They are using QR codes to make the process even easier.

So how does it work? You need to get the Belon.gs sticker tags, which are free. These tags have a QR code that you could scan and it will take you to a mobile page where you could enter the details of the item you are tagging. During this process, you can specify a reward for your item’s finder and this reward is paid out automatically via PayPal or major credit cards. After that, you should attach the Belon.gs tag to the item.

In the event that the item is lost, the finder will be able to see the tag. They can scan the code and be directed to the Belon.gs website where they could find your lost item and click on the Found it! button.

You will then be notified by e-mail that your item has been found and you could connect with the finder and arrange for the delivery of your lost item via real time chat. The beauty of it all is that this is all anonymous. If you want, you do not have to meet the person who found your item.

You can pay out the reward via the Belon.gs system as well.

You may think that all of these are not necessary, right? You can just print your name, contact numbers and address on a sticker and stick it to your phone, laptop, data drives and other items you do not want to lose. Well, that may work, but do you really want total strangers to know your name, where you live and how to contact you? Belon.gs allows you to be safe with your personal information while giving you a greater chance to get your item back.

The best thing about Belon.gs is that it is free. Alternatively, you could pay whatever you want to pay to get the sticker tags. If you absolutely have no conscience, you can leave the slider at $0.

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