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Web2Go Reads You the News


Volacent has come up with a new mobile app that is available to Android users. Web2Go is a nifty mobile app that is using Artificial Reading Intelligence that allows you to have the news read to you.

After downloading the app to your phone, you will be presented with a list of sites that are compatible with Web2Go. There are currently less than 200 Web sites on the list, but this is expected to grow in number.

You can pick four of these news sites and put it on the app’s home screen. Once you tap on one of these, it will start reading the news to you. If you want to skip to the next article, all you have to do is to swipe.

If you need more than four slots, you can get more by sharing the app with your friends.

There are really a lot of apps that read text from a mobile phone screen, but these apps usually read everything on the screen, even navigation text! Web2Go promises its users the best news reading experience by only reading the relevant portions of the site.

The app’s developer, Volacent, also says that their app has a more human voice than other apps that are already available on Google Play.

Web2Go, in short, can read the news articles as a human being would, and sounds much like a human being too.

What’s more, the app can connect to your car’s Bluetooth speaker, letting you “read” the news as if you are listening to a news program on the radio.

Web2Go is currently not available for iPhone users, so if you have an Android device, this is a good way to make your iOS loving friends jealous. Also, the app is free to use, and is currently ad free. That may change soon as the app developers plan to introduce voice commercials into the app in order to earn some dough.

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