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Women, Carnivorous Plants and QR Codes: Yiying Lu Goes QR Code Crazy


Yiying Lu is not an unfamiliar name in the tech world. You certainly would have seen her work if you have been using Twitter for quite some time. Liu is the creator and designed of the “fail whale”, and now she has moved on to QR codes.

Lu combines QR codes, beautiful women and carnivorous plants in a series of paintings. Take for example this painting.

You will notice that a QR code is painted at the center of the open flower at the top of the woman’s head. Whip out your tablet or smartphone and scan that QR code and you will be taken to a video that shows you how the artist painted this picture. There are a handful of QR code paintings that are included in the Beautiful Traps series.

So if you could just imagine seven beautiful women all wearing carnivorous plants for hats. If you are curious as to how these artworks were done, look for the QR codes in the painting and just scan it.

BeQRious is very impressed with that the Australian artist has done. These QR codes are all working. This is doubly impressive if you find out that these codes were done in watercolor. Watercolor is notoriously difficult to use if you want linear accuracy. Yet Lu was able to not only incorporate these customized QR codes into her work but also make these QR codes do as they were designed to work.

Lu’s QR codes work as well as printed ones. This is not the first time that QR codes were used in artworks. Jose Torres or better known as Tony Taj used QR codes to tell stories about his artworks, while Pedro Morales, a Venezuelan digital artist, makes use of different materials to create QR codes of different sizes.

We do think that Lu’s work is the first to combine watercolor, women and plants. We are not complaining too. If there are more artists who are willing to use QR codes in their artwork, we say that they would have to work hard in order to top these three.

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